Trevor Heinrich


Trevor aims to be a light in this world through his daily lifestyle and creativity. He lives his dreams that start by, “simply going for it” and are sustained through daily commitment, ethic, and focus on Jesus.

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I made a decision out of high school to follow what I believe was God’s leading to walk across America. I left my job at a coffee shop, became a stone mason to save more money, did research/trial hikes, and left the next year feeling like I had little clue of what I was doing. I started on the coast of New Jersey October 6th, 2013 with a friend who joined for a section of it. It took over 3 years and 3,123 miles to finish. I got to partner with 5 incredible guys who came for periods of the time, including my best friend Jonathan. He started walking in Lancaster County, PA (our home town) and went the rest of the way. We finished the journey on February 25th, 2017 where we jumped in the ocean at Huntington Beach, CA with family and friends watching. It was an incredible moment!


I have been writing a book about our time on the road, a poetry book (about to be published), and got married to the woman of my dreams! I’m more inspired than ever! Despite a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer in May 2019, with total faith in God’s healing, I’ve been working towards my future goal to ascend Mount Everest.

If you would like to hear exciting stories about my time walking the states and more about how to persevere in life with joy, you can click on “Speaking” above!