You are apart of this culture and you have a chance to shape it in the right direction.

The moment

-A section from a longer poem-

Tent walls flapping from the wind, I have so many thoughts, so many hopes, but I’ve learned. It’s cold, but I’ve learned to open my door, to see the stars. I am here. I’ve learned to be here, in the moment, to be with you God…

Thinking of Everest

-Though adventure is In daily life, I still feel lead to climb Everest-

I see.
I see mountains in the stars,
and mountains in my heart.
This is not what I understand,
but what I love.
I think.
I know that I do not know Continue reading

Peace In The Midst Of Uncertainty

Why, my soul, are you so defeated?As if there is no more blood to bleed, no more song to sing. As if you have lost and missed out somewhere along the road. Like you’ve been hit with nowhere to go.

But you’re safe, yet still so afraid. Has the Continue reading

Paradox Reality

The heat leaves my hair. I can feel the the contrast as I lie here in the air conditioned room. Blooming flower buds covered from the stem in sharp thorns pass through my mind, flowers no one else may ever see again. They struck my legs as the view Continue reading

The morning light

imageSilence of the morning driven to a cool foggy light. Bark and cedar resounding through mysterious break of night. The new morning rises as I feel the earth asleep, so I find hope as you wake me from the deep.

“I Am A Man Who Is Blessed”

-A Journal Entry on November 26, 2014

I heard coyotes for the first time tonight. It was incredible. I’m lying here in my tent with the cold trimming at my hands and face and peace in my chest. A train rattles the ground as it goes by about 20 ft away without blowing its whistle. I’ve always liked trains. My mind takes me to earlier tonight when a guy walked out of his warm home across the street, meeting us on his way to work. He gave his life to Jesus and his life will not be the same. He has encountered true love. I fold my woolen flannel jacket and stick my camelbak on top, covering the oreo with a pair of pants, making some sort of water  Continue reading

Love in Action

“Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord…” Romans 12:9-11 (NIV)

A Fire In A Warmed Heart

IMG_1823Looking through pictures I remember the past. 2013, 2014, trials in 2012, I was given the desires of my heart to draw near to Christ. My life has been an adventure full of so much good. Often I have thrown out what is written for thoughts of regret and wrongs. As I have walked and walked, I’ve been so humbled as I sit down and realize. The word of God is so alive and I shouldn’t be here writing this. My life belongs to God and he has kept me alive. I shouldn’t even have the fingers to write this but I am. The Lord has a purpose Continue reading

Dear Sky

So I’ll sail into this sea of lights. Good bye dear sky, storms of distant sight. Again to you will I come soon. As surely as the moon hits the shore I know my Lord. So here am I once more. Sailing from the light splattered wind to this moonlit, ground floor.

-flying home from Memphis September, 2013